Magnus Andersson VP Global Protective Clothing and Fall Protection, Ansell Protective Solutions

At Ansell Protective Solutions Lithuania, we continue to operate our very efficient site in Taurage and continue to grow and invest in the plant. We have a Lean and efficient operations with skilled people in a very good facility, making it optimal for production of our technically advanced products with very high demands on product quality.




Kurt Sommer ELKA Rainwear A/S, Adm. Director

The ELKA Rainwear production was established in Lithuania in 1995. Following the market demands, the primary reason to move the production from Denmark was of course the lower production cost.  The buildings in Taurage Industrial Park were perfect for our needs and in close proximity to the airport, making it possible to get back and forth relatively easy. When Lithuania entered the EU in 2004, the weekly paperwork regarding import/export was abolished, making it very easy to handle our transfers. We are able to offer our customers flexibility with a short production time and well-developed infrastructure means.


Andrius Kubilius the Prime Minister, 2012

Taurage Industrial Park is a pattern for the entire Lithuania which shows that it is possible to draw millions of investments, create hundreds of vacations, and to compete successfully in the international market, raising ambitious targets for itself.


Geert Skovsgaard the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), BACH Composite Industry

The primary reason for establishing our company “Tauraplastas” in Taurage Industrial Park was an urgent need for expanding production capacities. Untill today, the company remains the single largest production unit in the Bach group of companies. Tauraplastas was awarded the gazelle prize for its unique growth rates for three recent years consecutively.

Part of the secret for this success is in fact that we have chosen to locate production in Taurage Industrial Park. Taurage is located conveniently close to Klaipeda to carry on transportation by sea, and access to the local infrastructure is excellent in general. Transportation is good and the labour force is skilled.

Working with TIP is always pleasure. With an open mind and a professional approach to requests we have always been able to go to “the next level”. Bearing our current and future investment in mind, it clearly reflects that Bach Composite Group considers this the right place to be. We are not going elsewhere.


Aida Zigmantavičienė General Manager, Ansell Protective Solutions Lithuania, UAB

Our company has been established in Tauragė Industrial park (TIP) since February, 2007. In modern-equipped premises we produce personal protective equipment: chemical protective suits, dry diving suits, escape hoods. Our competencies are also applied in the production of other industrial articles: care equipment, folding stretchers, inflatable dock seals. 

Production manufactured by Ansell Protective Solutions Lithuania is delivered to consumers of more than 75 countries.

Special facilities necessary for the production are provided by attentive lessors and local service providers. The company is constantly investing into new technologies and training of employees.

We appreciate a close co-operation with TIP that contributes essentially to our long-term development aims.





Anders Myklebust Director, Egersund Net, UAB

„Egersund Group is one of the world‘s leading producers of the equipment both for fishing and fish farming industry. In 2003, some of Egersund Group net production was moved to Tauragė, and Egersund Group had a hope that Egersund name will be a part of the industry in Tauragė for a long time. The location of Tauragė Industrial Park was suitable for Egersund Group needs since Klaipėda sea ports and airports are quite close.  For the same reason, another Norwegian company, UAB „Nofir“, has been also established in the same premises. Taurage is a half way from Norway to the southern Europe which is the main benefit for this company.“